• These instructions must be followed by the student, the 3rd Party Observer and the Assessor when assessing the student in these units. Instructions are as follows:


    1. Set a date for this observation with the Observer and ensure that the observation instructions are clear and well understood. If these are tasks you’ve completed previously in the workplace, then speak to your workplace supervisor about when this was. Dates can be retrospective (eg. You can put dates across the last few weeks when you were working and completing these tasks).
    2. Hand the Observation Checklist, along with this entire assessment booklet and ensure that the workplace supervisor understands the requirements of these workplace tasks.
    3. The workplace supervisor should confirm that he/she agrees to participate in the evidence gathering process and will ask any questions about the process or confirm with the student as he/she demonstrates the skills required.
    4. Observer the student completing the tasks as outlined throughout the observation form and mark observations as per the checklist.
    5. This observation is to occur on more than one occasion and where possible in a variety of different situations

    Third Party/Workplace Supervisor

    1. Ensure you understand what you need to observe (as listed on the following chart) and the amount of times you need to observe it (eg. if there is space to provide two dates and initials, then it must be observed on two different occasions);
    2. Speak with the student if they have concerns about demonstrating the skills, if the student doesn’t feel prepared, please encourage them to speak with their trainer/assessor and complete the observation at a later date;
    3. When you are signing, initialing and dating, you are stating that you have observed the student to demonstrate these skills, by observing them complete the set tasks, to a standard which would be considered appropriate in your workplace;
    4. Please ensure that you, the student and the assessor has signed the following ‘Third Party Evidence Agreement’ prior to undertaking this observation;
    5. The completed observation will be considered by the assessor as supplementary evidence, to support their overall assessment judgement of the student’s competency overall.

  • CHCSS00074 Child Protection

    During the demonstration or observation of skills, did the student:
  • (place comments regarding the student’s overall performance either here, or in the individual sections above, or both – comments could include examples of tasks performed and/or conversations had with the student to determine their knowledge and capacity to perform these tasks to a standard, as expected in the workplace)
    I understand and agree to all of the above statements.
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