Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms
Fees and charges for your training program will be invoiced upon enrolment and are to be paid prior to commencement, unless alternative payment arrangements have been made directly with you or your employer.

Payment Plan Policy
Payment plans are available via our third-party provider Debit Success and details of your payment dates and fees they may impose is provided in our Direct Debit application form found at:

www.traxiontraining.com.au/dd   *Note: Not available for classroom delivery or RPL certification.

Training Support & Student Commitment
Distance Training:

For full qualification programs, we offer a six, twelve or eighteen-month delivery options where assessments are due either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly unless negotiated by exception with your trainer. Your trainer will discuss the pace at which you wish to complete your training during your induction session and provide your assessment due dates. It is a requirement of enrolment that reasonable progress is to be made to complete the required assessments on time. It is fine to switch between either option should your circumstance change, however, missed assessment due dates (where an extension has not been requested) may result in your trainer discussing a training suspension. Your trainer will provide details of their regular web-tutorial sessions and encourage you to participate in these or listen to the provided recorded versions at a time convenient to you.

Direct email support from your trainer is also available, however, some trainers are part-time and not available everyday – they will confirm their availability and response times during your induction session and you may contact our Student Support services outside this availability by calling 07 3038 3184.

Classroom Training:

It is a requirement of enrolment that all assessment work be completed within 6 months of the completion of the classroom delivery program, or cancellation of enrolment may apply.

RPL Assessment:

It is a requirement of RPL assessment enrolment that all evidence be provided within 90 days of the completion of your competency conversation with your trainer, or cancellation of enrolment may apply. Where training is suspended, a $250 re-enrolment fee will occur. Where training is suspended, a $250 re-enrolment fee will occur.


Resubmission Policy
Traxion Training does not charge a resubmission fee for the first resubmission, however, should subsequent resubmission occur a fee of $50 per unit will apply.

Transfer Policy
Transfer of training programs or classroom training dates must be advised in writing at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the first scheduled training session. Transfers made after that date may be subject to a penalty charge of $100.

Fees and Refund Policy
Training Management (T/A Traxion Training) is entitled to charge fees for services provided to students undertaking training and assessment that leads to a nationally recognised outcome. These charges are generally for items such as course materials, text books, student services and training and assessment services.

Please visit https://www.traxiontraining.com.au/pdf/Fees_and_Refunds_Policy.pdf to download our Fees & Refund Policy.

Training Management t/a Traxion Training will maintain a tuition assurance scheme to safeguard students in the event of it becoming insolvent and unable to return fees that have been paid in advance. The tuition assurance scheme will source similar training to allow the effected participants under this condition to complete their studies without further financial burden. However, if the student cannot be placed, the tuition assurance will make refunds.

Unpaid Fees
All invoices issued by Traxion Training are to be paid within the timeframes stipulated above. Traxion Training reserves the right to take whatever action is required including, discontinuing programs, institute legal proceedings, etc. to safeguard its interests and applicable costs may be incurred.

Extenuating Circumstances
Should you be unable to continue your studies due to legitimate reasons such as sickness, death or family circumstances, a pro-rata refund may be given less a $250 administration fee upon receipt of evidence.

Privacy Policy
Traxion Training adheres to a strict Privacy Policy, to view our Privacy Policy in full please visit our website at www.traxiontraining.com.au/privacy-statement/


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