Child protection is an urgent and significant issue for QLD schools, childhood education centres and community service organisations. In response to the current crisis regarding child protection, the Queensland Government has provided funding for certain Registered Training Organisations to deliver and assess the Child Protection Skill Set which focuses on different content from that which has been trained previously.

Are you eligible for the funded position? This course is funded by the Queensland Government, using Higher Level Skills funding. The only cost to eligible students is a student contribution fee of $4.50.

In order to be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold a Certificate III level qualification in any field (you are still eligible if you hold higher qualifications, but must have a Certificate III as well);
  2. Work in frontline service delivery with children, youth or families;
  3. QLD Resident.

This will be facilitated by a highly skilled professional, with multiple qualifications and a background in law, behaviour, child protection and education.

This skill set will support participants to identify and respond to the more emotional/behavioural indicators of abuse, trauma, neglect and harm. Recent matters heard through the media have made it evident that the training and knowledge currently held by those working in the schools, childhood education environments and community service organisations was not sufficient to identify children at risk, especially those subject to emotional abuse, which accounts for 45% of child protection matters*.