Traxion Training – recently delivered a pilot of the pre-employment program working in partnership with a National Contact Centre; a reputable Job Active provider and eighteen (18) suitably selected job seekers; we were able to provide some accredited training and additional advice for those wanting to work within this industry and see this as a future career path opportunity.

Our request to the Job Active provider was to ensure all jobseekers put forward had a minimum of the following requirements:

  • Medium-High level computer literacy;
  • Engaging phone manner;
  • Strong desire to learn new skills;
  • Motivated to provide great customer service;
  • Able to work hours between 7am and 9pm (covering the majority of Contact Centre hours)

The five (5) day program was fully paid for by the Job Active provider allowing potential jobseekers to participate in the following:

  • Training in customer service skills and how to work effectively with others;
  • Site visit to a potential Contact Centre with a presentation from representative of the site;
  • Support and guidance for completion of online application/s to potential Contact Centre/s, resumes and interviews.

On completion of the week, we were able to provide the Contact Centre with further information and feedback in regard to each jobseeker that has decided to apply for their next Customer Service position including:

  • Additional Wage subsidies that may be available to employer (potential of up to $10,000/jobseeker);

This particular group has given the Contact Centre the potential to earn up to $95,000 in additional wage subsidies over 6 months.

  • Jobseekers attendance and participation throughout the week (as an individual and within any group activities) including the site visit;
  • Jobseekers dress and behaviour throughout the week.

The program has received fantastic reviews from all parties including the Contact Centre about to recruit; advising that the pre-screening we can do, along with the financial subsidy that may accompany their new employee(s) has been quite beneficial.

You may also be interested in the new National Work Experience Programme which offers jobseekers unpaid work experience placement of up to 25 hours a week over a maximum 4 week period and the potential for the employer to earn up to $10,000 per new jobseeker if you go on to employ them.

This program is provided at no cost to you, and you have the potential to apply for wage subsidies (if eligible) for each jobseeker recruited. For further information and/or to get involved in this program please contact:

Jenny Gill from Traxion Training on 0477 221 717 or email