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Traxion Training is an innovative Registered Training Organisation offering simplified training solutions for busy businesses. We also provide RTO Management support, partnership opportunities and a wide range of administrative, consulting and training options to assist any business.

We deliver our training through a variety of delivery methods, including our convenient and easy-to-use online format with the additional one-on-one support from our team of professional trainers in your workplace and from our help desk.

Traxion Training specialises in the development of ‘return on investment’ programs for sales organisations and team leader positions. We work with employers and students to incorporate within standard training packages and theoretical concepts the company-specific information needed to make the learning experience more relevant and practical. Our experienced sales staff also provide assistance in understanding all possible government funding options that may be available to cover the costs of training.

Our range of administrative, consulting and management services solutions are designed to assist businesses and existing or new RTO’s, to grow, achieve strategic goals and obtain their desired level of success.

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